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We renamed our baby!

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Quad City Women's Therapy has changed its name to Quad City Psychotherapy

When I began Quad City Women's Therapy in 2017, I knew I wanted to work with women. I love working with women. I have focused most of my practice on women. When I named my company - my baby - it fit to put "women" in the title. I identified my company with being a safe space for women. It made sense to make it all about women.

And then it didn't.

My baby started to grow up and I realized that the name I had chosen didn't quite fit the identity this baby of mine was developing.

Too much with the baby naming analogy?

Ok. Well, here's why I had to change the name.

When I say women, what I mean is any person who identifies as a woman. I know that's what I mean... but the name may not convey my meaning. I have had the honor and privilege of working with transgender clients whose experience of gendering in healthcare has, let's say, been less than positive. Their experiences have informed my decision to just remove gender from the company name all together. Nobody puts baby in a corner... or a box... or makes them conform to a label.

The other reason is that my baby is growing and changing and needed a name to reflect all these changes. I have added two more therapists to the team and they are seeing a broader range of clients in terms of age and gender. I realized that for people who do not identify as a woman or as an adult, the company name may have kept them from accessing the exceptional services of my colleagues.

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